After the morning run

came the evening run. Ok, in between I have been working a bit. I maintained a nice speed just above my comfort zone. Taking some speed out in the uphill sections kept me fresh enough, so that I could accelerate nicely at the end. Saturday I finally made it to Heilbronn to have a look at next week’s bike course. Looks great! 70km through one of the most picturesque landscapes you can find along the river Neckar. There’s plenty of altitude difference, but it is humanely distributed, with only one noteworthy hill, which you have to tackle on the way out and back. Absolutely no need for brakes, save for the entry into T2, to minimise skin abrasion on the feet.

While I was enjoying myself around Baden-Württemberg, Nico was pedalling hard around Lanzarote, laying the foundation for his age-group win in the IM Lanza. I came back home in time to follow the showdown during the marathon on livetracker. On the triathlon forum, the chatbox was at its busiest since Kona. Shortly afterwards, Nico was already on facebook, blushingly accepting the praise heaped on him by the entire online community.

Today is not worth remembering, therefore I won’t elaborate on my picked pocket at the town fair, or on how I fell off the MTB three times in as many minutes, while I tried to take on the mud hills on the building site with my new clipless pedals.

Über Günter

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