The week after

First of all, an afterthought to last weeks race: in hindsight, it was a good idea to shave my legs, if only for the massage. It was painful enough to have those wooden sticks reconverted into muscles, without having to endure a manual depilation.

In the following days, I successfully transferred my racing form to my training sessions. As I am writing, Heilbronn is less than 14 days away, and I am proud to say I put in some quality units this week, starting with a high-quality rest on Monday. On tuesday after work, I ran 8k slightly uphill at a rather ambitious speed. Then I hopped onto the bike and took my nine-year-old to his track-and-field session. From there, I sped to the LBS to kick ass. A week earlier, I had ordered a new crankset for my road bike; only when I followed up, they told me that there were „difficulties“ in getting it. Claimed that according to the Campa system, there was a 5-week lead time, when several online shops showed the item on stock. I was very well tempted to break rule 58. But then I reckoned that I’d rather build up embarassment points on their behalf and get even when it comes to installing the piece.

Back at the stadium, I had just enough time to put in four times 1k, with 200m rest, before my son’s session ended – much to my relief. Wednesday saw me ride the bike over my hilly course, .6km/h faster than last time. Thursday was another recovery day, before the week ended with a 72/3 brick session on Friday. I had planned to go have a look at the Heilbronn bike course over the weekend, but the weather forecast was doubtful and I was not in the mood to take the car, go to Heilbronn and turn around because it started to rain. Instead, I went for a 16k recovery run with Christian.

The forecast for this week looks fine, dry with rising temperatures, so I’m looking forward to doing some more fine work in the days to come.

Über Günter

Manager und Triathlet
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