Post easter maditations

Ok, its a typo, but I like it!

First, here’s a video from last Sunday’s swim.

Another week has gone by and I am -7 days from my first race this year. Second race, actually, the first was in January, a long time ago. Next Sunday, I’ll start at the mz3athlon, a local sprint venue with a particular personal history. This event was my first tri ever, several years ago. I rode a trekking bike, complete with mudgards, rack and regular light. The bib was fixed to a Goldzack elastic band (standard underwear spare part over here). On the bike ride, on a wet rode, I was confused by the sheer number of levers on the bar and flew straight out of a bend. Last year, on the eve of my 50th birthday, I scored my first first since the track&field times at school. So Steinheim is a tradition with me, although I have kind of outgrown this distance. Not that I look down at it, but it is getting too hectic for my age.

Steinheim is more or less a diversion, a test run for my equipment and transition routine, but the real challenges are coming up right behind. 2 MDs are on schedule, Heilbronn at the end of May and Wiesbaden in August. Am I prepared? I have certainly missed a lot of running since I hurt my foot during Frankfurt marathon last October. I’ve put in a good amount of biking, with MTB rides and turbo sessions in the winter and two weeks in Lanza in spring. Swimming is coming along nicely, considering I’m not much of a swimmer and do not really train a lot. It seems that after a year, the strength exercises are paying off, and focussing/visualising might have helped my technique. Overall fitness has certainly improved last year, training for my first IM distance. For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to do quality sessions at high intensity. Running has been a ride on the razor edge for months. I concentrated on a small number of fast, short runs, just enough to get used to the pace without compromising the recovery from my injury. The bike form could certainly be ok, if only Wiesbaden wouldn’t have all those climbs… This friday, I rode a round with a nearly similar ratio of Höhenmeter to Kilometer. If I leave out the flat bits, it gives a good impression of what the Wiesbaden bike route will feel like. What I do not yet feel like is running a half mara afterwards 😦

Ok, Wiesbaden is still a few weeks off, and for the moment, I am looking forward to the Steinheim sprint next Sunday.

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  1. Nicolai schreibt:

    good luck for sunday !

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