Easter, part II

The way home proved to be the hardest part. I had thought that an hour or so would not be too demanding, but for the kids it resembled the old training adage: run as far as you can, then turn around and run back home! Luckily, there was a garden restaurant on the way, where we rested, restocked on carbs and made acquaintance with the local flora.

After the refurbishment, the girl was just about able to get back on the bike. I had no idea how I should convince her to climb the 200m up to town. In the end, I towed her up, using the 2.5 m cable lock as tow-line. All in all, we were away for 6.5h, 3h thereof in movement.

Today, we went to the Breitenauer See, where some friends have already swum a week ago. I was surprised to find a sizable crowd up and about, with even a few people in the water – just in their swimming trunks. I preferred the comfort of the neopren suit and swam about 1k.

That’s all for now!

Über Günter

Manager und Triathlet
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