On the road again

As a special tribute to all the people dropping in from tritalk, this blog will again be in Foreign until further notice.

On the return flight from Heathrow last week, I picked up a few English triathlon magazines, which renewed my intention to take part in a race or two on the island. The one fact that instils some doubt, however, is the rain that seems omnipresent in the photographs… Whilst in German race reports, rain is mentioned as a special occurrence, in England it seems to be taken for granted. Even the article on bike technique was shot in pouring rain 😦 No wonder that cross duathlons figure prominently on the calendar!

I also found a nice tri forum, tritalk. As a result, my list of „races to do before decomposition sets in“ has nearly doubled. It will be no small task to check logistics, e.g. the nearest airport with direct flights to Stuttgart. I’m proud owner of a bike box, after all. Proximity to Oxford would also be a plus, as I am somewhat familiar with the region and know a few people there. The Cotswold tri, for example, is an option. Don’t fear, I will name my other favourites shortly.

Back on the continent, I transformed the trekking bike into a training bike, putting on a straight handlebar, set as low as possible. All the levers moved a mile closer to the steering post, so I had to shorten the liners, which took some time. The result looks utterly ridiculous, I’ll post a photo later on. The advantage of this contraption is its enormous weight (steel frame, need I say more?). With it, I can really train those quads.

Then came the good weather. I don’t mind riding at low temps or in the rain (actually, I do a little), but I save the TT bike for dry roads.  Today was the day. I rode to work in the morning and did 70k in the evening, hammering up those hills like I never did before (or so it felt). No photos this time, but in the weeks to come, I will take the camera along and show you Brits the best of Baden-Württemberg. In the meantime, you can work on the pronunciation 🙂

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